Search Engine Optimisation

You can have the most splendid website in the world but if your potential customers can't find you when looking for a service, then what's the point in it being there? Our SEO service can help you to get found.

What we do

The Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services we offer can be broken down into the following steps:

• Website analysis
• Keyword analysis
• Directory registration
• SEO online tool registration
• Site map updates

Website analysis

We will look at your existing website and identify what could be improved on to help increase your rankings. This will look at the source of your website and the way it has been structured; from this analysis we will produce a report detailing the areas that need improving and the recommendations on how this should be achieved. We may also identify pages you should create to help push certain keywords or phrases.

At Alcium Software we always develop websites with all the best practices in mind. This means if you are looking for a new website you can be confident that it will be structured in a way that all the search engines can access it, getting you the best score possible.

Keyword analysis

We will identify with you which keywords and phrases you want to push. Once we have this information we will run checks on these to identify how successful you could be, alternatives which may be beneficial and any competition you may have. We can also look at your competitors and identify why they are ranked higher at certain searches.

Directory Registration

We will register your completed website in online directories and with all the search engines. These registrations will increase your rankings as some are verified manually and therefore get given a higher score than sites which aren’t registered.

SEO online tool registration

We will register you for tools which can be used to identify how your site is doing and where in the search results you are appearing. This will also help identify which searches you may wish to push in the future and the searches which you may want to focus less on.

Site map updates

We will ensure that search engines are aware of all the pages on your site, making sure that they have seen and indexed every page possible within your site. Some of the above steps are limited depending on how much access you have to the content and structure of your website. Alcium software develop all new websites using our Web Pilot CMS, giving you access to all the SEO tools you need to help your website constantly evolve.


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