Evolutive - Website Design

The background

Evolutive is our web-based Public sector Client Relationship Management (CRM), for Enquiry Handling and Property/Land recording. It is the largest selling Economic Development and Inward Investment software system in the UK and is currently being used by over 120 Public Sector organisations.

The challenge

We are constantly developing and enhancing our Evolutive software solution to broaden its functions and capabilities for our clients. With this in mind - we needed a new fresh-looking website which could communicate the extensive and versatile Software package in a clear and informative way - without overbearing potential clients. The format of communicating each evolutive module also needed to be expandable as we continually develop the product. The new Evolutive website also needed to be in-line with our new corporate branding and website.

The response

A clean, edgey design with slick functionality allowing the user to browse through the different aspects of the Evolutive system - from the solution, client testimonials, training and support. The interactive rotator banner acts as the information hub - engaging the user to manually peruse through the various Evolutive modules in a systematic flow and at their own pace. This design allows for the modules to be understood in isolation - yet part of a greater collective whole.