Glenny - Website design project

The background

Glenny LLP is a market-leading regional commercial property practice specialising in the South East. Their previous website was not serving their needs functionally or aesthetically. The navigation changed throughout the site, providing a confusing user experience. The property Search page was also confusing and had poor functionality. In short it was turning traffic away.

The challenge

Glenny wanted a completely new website that solved their navigation issues, with a top-notch Property Search function, and a fresh, premium feel. Glenny also wanted the homepage to be much more comprehensive and marketing focussed. The website also needed to seamlessly integrate with their back office Agency Pilot software. Glenny also wanted a facility to quickly update the content of the site to include textual content, photos, documents, web links and video.

The response

We completely re-designed the navigation of the website, opting for a simple, clean and logical navigation flow. We created a completely new look and feel for the site with use of crisp, clean lines, white space and black and white images - for the premium look. We completely transformed the property search and results pages - again applying a bold, clean and simple design and boasting useful and interactive search tools. Content is provided by the back office Alcium CMS and Agency Pilot Software managed by their internal marketing team. Glenny now has an extremely powerful website, with the aesthetics to match.

The feedback

“We needed a solution which not only fixed the functionality issues with the old site, but saved time and ensured that moving forward we could quickly and easily manage our own content. Alcium provided that solution. The level of collaboration was excellent, and they worked hard to incorporate all of our ideas. In particular we were impressed with their design capability, which was way above what we had previously experienced in terms of property search."
Leanne Lawrence, Director of Marketing

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Glenny LLP website design project
Glenny LLP website design project
Glenny LLP website design project