Glenny - Mobile site design project

The background

Glenny LLP is a market-leading regional commercial property practice specialising in London and the South East. Following the development of their new website, Glenny decided to use our design and development expertise to create a mobile version of their website to meet the growing usage of their website from mobile devices.

The challenge

Glenny commissioned us to create a simple, yet aesthetically excellent, mobile version of their website - a-kin to the style and feel of their main site. The purpose of the project was to enhance the functionality and usability of their website when accessed via smart phones and tablet devices.

The response

We delivered a crisp, user-friendly mobile version of the Glenny website - simplifying functionality without compromising on aesthetics. Glenny's new mobile website allows their customers to enjoy a streamlined - yet feature-rich - version of Glenny's services and property search information whilst on the move.

The Feedback

As the property industry is changing, and more and more people are using their mobile and tablet devices to search, find contact details and even navigate, we needed to ensure that people could still find what they were looking for on the move. In particular we wanted our users to be able to navigate to view properties on their mobiles, as well as quickly look up the details of properties they may have seen on their travels. Alcium helped us to properly interpret our full website into an effective and stylish mobile site, without the need for downloads. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with them on this project.
Leanne Lawrence, Director of Marketing

Glenny Mobile Website
Glenny Mobile Website