Knowledge Bank

The background

a-n magazine is for artists, to provide professional interaction, information, news and networking, month by month. The magazine serves as a resource for anyone in the art business, including visual and applied artists, art and design students, educationalists, arts officers, curators and art advisors.

The challenge

We were commissioned to develop a complete business solution for a-n, based around a dynamically generated website. The aim was to expand the functionality and facilities provided by the website, whilst integrating all business operations within a single system.

The response

Based around a core contact management system, the solution was used to record magazine content, which could then be output to the printers for the production of conventional paper magazines, but could also be used to dynamically generate the a-n website. The interactive website enabled secure on-line subscription renewals and the access to many additional on-line facilities, which created more revenue generating opportunities for a-n. The project went live in spring 2003.

The results

The database also provided integrated modules for advertising, magazine distribution, information management and secure online subscription renewals, bringing together a multiplicity of functions into one holistic, user-friendly system.