Pricer AB

Pricer AB

The background

Pricer are an innovative Swedish company who specialise in supplying electronic shelf labelling installations for retailers. We were involved in a prototype project working in co-operation with Pricer and the University of York.

The challenge

We were commissioned to design and develop prototype software for the next generation of supermarket - including innovative shelf edge labels and personal customer advertising.

The response

We were involved with developing a number of products, including shelf labels which would not only display the price of goods, but also monitor the temperature between programmable tolerance levels. If a freezer broke down the label would register a rise in temperature and automatically alert the engineer.
A second project was the development of trolley labels with small LCD screens. Tracking beacons within the store monitor the location and movement of the label, so the screen can display to the shopper special offers and video advertising relevant to the specific location of the trolley within the store.

The results

The software prototypes were completed and concepts were taken forward into full development.