Screen East

Screen East

The background

Herts. Film Link, part of the Film Commission Office for Hertfordshire, was a location finding service for film and television crews, from the Film Link office at Leavesden Studios. The service, which has since been merged with the regional film agency Screen East, was established to find and book locations around the region for film and TV crews.

Herts. Film Link held details of thousands of potential locations, including a photograph library consisting of over 50,000 images. They also maintained several independent contact and enquiry management systems, which were used to record contact with individual clients.

The challenge

In early 2001, we were commissioned to provide a solution that would enable the location database and contact and enquiry systems to be integrated, allowing the information to be managed more effectively.

The response

We developed a full location management system, which not only incorporated a database of digital images of potential locations to be viewed, but also details of the availability and the history of the use of each location. This was integrated with a full enquiry and contact management system, which permitted every enquiry to be co-ordinated from within the one system.

The results

The solution helped to provide a quicker, more effective service to film-makers and television crews from around the world.