Web Pilot CMS - Design project

The Background

A consistent groan from most of the clients that we come across is that their Content Management System (CMS) is a 'nightmare' - won't offer them the control or flexibility they require, nor the technical support they need. We spent a little time researching and trying out various content management systems available across the market. We found most of these propriety systems to be inflexible and functionally confusing for the user. Most of them weren't exactly a sight for sore eyes either!

The challenge

With this in mind, we saw an opportunity to progress our Web Pilot CMS into a simple, user-friendly system that clients can update content, images, documents, news with flexibility and ease. As well as enhancing the functionality, flexibility and control for our clients, we decided that the new Web Pilot CMS should be equally as slick aesthetically.

The response

A complete re-design of all the Web Pilot pages - with improved navigation and workflow for the user. We've created a Search Engine Optimising (SEO) tool to allow our clients to improve their google ranking and indicate page importance throughout the site. Our new "Assist me" tool allows our users to be guided through the system - creating new pages and inputting page-specific SEO. The addition of bespoke icons, curved-edged boxes and new buttons - creates a much fresher and friendlier user-experience.

The feedback

"Web Pilot CMS provides exactly what we needed out of a CMS - its simple to use and gives the the flexibility and control we need to make any changes. Its reliable and works well but when we have needed help - the Alcium support team have been great in assisting us."
Leanne Lawrence, Glenny LLP, Director of Marketing